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Our standard Lawn Mail rental includes your choice of  20 "critters" and a message board. 

Our high school student dance rental includes your choice of 10 "critters" and a message board.  Students will provide student verification, purchase their order, pick up the display and deliver it to that special someone. Amy's Lawn Mail will pick up the display the following day at the address that is provided.

Delivery and setup is between 10:00pm and 6:00am is included.


Standard rental- $49.95 + 6% Idaho sales tax.
Extra day rental- $10.00
Dance rental- $25.00*
*student status to be verified 

Check out our Specials page for possible discounts.

For those surprise displays please let someone in the household know that we will be on the property that day if at all possible.

We accept the following payment types:
 cash or money orders.

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