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Birthday Phrases

Message Board phrases:




·         This is my birthday present. I need new friends.

·         It's not about age, it's about attitude.

·         (age) years old, One Owner Needs Parts Make offer

·         Hi ho, hi ho, over the hill you go

·         HONK! For (Name) he/she’s (age) today! Happy Birthday!

·         (Name) my dear you’re (age) this year! Happy Birthday!

·         Bada boom bada bing (Name) is doing the (age) thing.


·         Holy Cow (Name) is (age) now! Happy Birthday!

·         (Name’s) (age) today and that’s no bull! Happy Birthday!

·         (Name) don’t have a cow you’re only (age) now! Happy Birthday!

·         We herd (Name) is out to pasture at (age)! Happy Birthday!

·         (Name) we are mooooved by your (age)! Happy Birthday!

·         Happy Birthday, (Name)! Hope your day is    udderly fabulous!

·         Don’t Have A Cow! It’s Only A Birthday!

·         (Name’s) an udder year older! Happy (age) Birthday!

·         (Name), it's your birthday! Milk it for all it's worth!

·         MOO" HOO (Name)'s (X2)!

·         What a cow-tastrophy (Name) an udder year older!

·         Moos Flash! It’s (Name’s) (age) birthday!

·         (Name) is Over the Hill & Out To Pasture! Happy Birthday!

·         Have you herd the moos (Name) is (age)?

·         Happy (age) (Name)! Hi-Ho-, Hi-Ho! It’s over the hill you go!

·         Holy Cow, have you herd? (Name) is (age)!

·         We're in the mooood to wish (Name) a happy birthday!

·         Happy Birthday (Name)! Party 'til the cows come home!

·         Look who mooved in for (Name)'s birthday!

·         Udderly old and out to pasture! Happy (age) birthday (Name)!

·         Your (age) (Name), party till the cows come home!

·         (Name) You've aged so graze-fully!

·         (Name) you don't look calf your age!

·        Happy Birthday, (Name), a real moooover and shaker!


  • (Name) So Many Years, So Little Cake - Happy (Age) Birthday!
  • (Name) It's A Treat To Wish Someone So Sweet A Happy (Age) Birthday!
  • (Name) Eat A Little, Eat A Lot, Eat Until You Have To Stop! - Happy (Age) Birthday!
  • Thank you for (age) years of sweetness!  








·         Happy Birthday You old bird!

·         Old bird, young heart

·         We flew in for (Name’s) (age) birthday! Happy Birthday!

·         Gotcha! (Name) these birds don’t sing! Happy Birthday!

·         Happy flockin (age) birthday, (Name)!

·         We flew in to flip (Name) the bird on his/her birthday!

·         (Name’s) still flying high at (age)! Happy Birthday!

·         We're tickled pink to hear you are (age) today! Happy Birthday!

·         You honk & We’ll flap for (Name’s) (age) birthday!

·         We flew the coop to wish (Name) Happy Birthday!

·         Flocks of love on your (age) birthday (Name).

·         Feather you like it or not, it's your (age) bird-day!

·         (Name’s) still flying high at x5! Happy Birthday!

·         (Name) - a little birdie told us you’re (age)!

·         Happy (age) birthday (Name)! You’ve been flocked!

·         (Name’s) (age)?? Get The Flock Out Of Here!

·         The flock is in shock, (Name) is (age)!




·         Still sizzlin at (age). Happy Birthday!

·         Still smokin at (age). Happy Birthday!

·         (age) and on fire! Happy Birthday (Name)

·         (Name) is still a hottie at (age) Happy Birthday

·         (Name) is on fire at (age) Happy Birthday!

·         (age) and still blazing along! Happy Birthday!




·        Happy (age) Birthday, (Name), you old Buzzard!

·         Something to (Buzz / Crow) about, (Name) is (age).

·        We flew in to wish (Name) a happy (age)   Birthday!

·        Honk for (Name), he’s a (age) year old buzzard!

·        We’re Buzzin’ In To Wish you a Happy (age) Birthday! (or Anniversary)

·        Happy Birthday, you old bird!

·        The old buzzard  is (age)

·        Happy flocking birthday you old buzzard!

·        You know it's (Name's) Birthday when the buzzards start circling.

·        Buzzard Buzzard go away (Name) is only (age) today!

·        Happy Birthday (Name) from all the old birds!

·        Honk for (Name) he/she is an old buzzard now!

·        Flocks of love on your (age) birthday (Name).

·        Feather you like it or not, it’s your (age) bird-day, (Name)

·        (Name) - a little birdie told us you’re (age)!

·        You honk, we’ll flap for (Name’s) (age) birthday!

   Smiley Faces 

·         Gee Golly Wow (Name) is (age) now! Happy Birthday!

·         (Age) cheers for (age) years! Happy Birthday (Name)! 



·         Good Luck on your (age) Birthday, (Name)!

·         Smile! It's (Name’s) birthday today!

·         Start your birthday with a smile- or (age)!

·         We're grinning ear-to-ear cause (Name)'s birthday is here!

·         Happy Happy, Joy Joy, Lots of smiles for the birthday boy/girl!

·         We're smiling at you because (Name) is (age) today!    

·         HONK! For (Name) she's (age) today! Happy Birthday!

·         (Name), my dear you're (age) this year! Happy Birthday!

·         Thanks for the (age) years of smiles! Happy Birthday / Anniversary

·         Best Wishes on your (age) Birthday, (Name)

·         (#) Cheers for (#) Years! Happy Birthday (Name)!


·         Our hearts go out to (Name) she/he’s (age) today! Happy Birthday!

·         (Name) is a real sweet heart at (age)! Happy Birthday!

·         (Name’s) still a heartthrob at (age) happy birthday

·         Happy (age) birthday (Name) love (Name)

·         (Name’s) still young at heart! Happy (age) birthday!

·         We can heartly believe it's (Name's) birthday!

·         Happy (age) birthday (Name) love (Name)!

·         My heart beats only for you! Happy (age) Birthday!



      Sports Balls

    ·      Happy Birthday (name) to a sports nut!
·      (Name) have a ball on your (age) birthday! 
·   Touchdown! [name] Scored Aother Birthday!
    ·   Touchdown! [Name's] [age] Today! GO [team]
    ·   [Name] Get a Kick out of Turning [AGE]!
    ·       There's no penalty for being (Age)!
    ·       Kick off for (Name's) (Age) Birthday!
      ·   Throw a heater on [Name's] Birthday!
    ·   Bases are Loaded for a Grand Slam [Age] B'Day!
    ·  Wouldn't Trade You For Anything!
    ·   [Name's] into Extra Innings at [Age]
    ·   Have a Swinging (Age) Birthday (Name)!


      ·   (Name) is still a super star at (age)
    •  Am I seeing stars or is (Name) really (age)
    •  At (age) (Name) is still my shining star
    •  Best wishes (Name) on your (age) birthday
    •  You're still a superstar at (age)Happy Birthday!
    •  I'm seeing stars! (name) is (age)






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