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Message Board phrases:

Other Phrases:


      •  Get Well Soon!
     •  Will you Marry Me!
     •  Thank you for ____!
    •  Congratulations on your new Home!


       You've been flocked
       We flew the coop to wish you a ___. 
      Honk and we'll flap for (Name's) event
     •  Paint the town pink. (Name) got a ___!
       This is my last attempt to attract a mate!
  We flew in to welcome ___to their new nest! 


     •  Happy Mother's Day
     •  I love you
     •  To my sweetheart
     •  Happy Valentine's Day 


     •  You make me happy(Name)will you marry me? 
     •  Smile! It increases your face value
     •  Get well soon
     •  Thank you
     •  Have a nice day
     •  We're on the scene cause for (event)


     •  Welcome home troops!
     •  (Name) you are my shining star! I love you!
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