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Graduation Phrases

Message Board phrases:





·         You made it, you did it, now lets celebrate it (Name)

·         Jump & shout schools finally let out (Name)

·         Congrats. (Name) class of (20XX) Best wishes!

·         Happy graduation! (Name) class of (20XX)

·         Honk! (Name) graduated! Class of (20XX)!

·         Look out world hear he/she comes! Class of (20XX)!




·         We just flew in to congratulate (Name) Class of 20XX!

·         (Name's) flying high! Congrats Class of 20XX!

·         We're tickled pink to hear you graduated today!

·         Happy Graduation (Name)! You've just been flocked!

·         You honk and we'll flap for (Name's) Graduation!

·         (Name) a little birdie told us you graduated today!

·         Were on the scene 'cause (Name's) Graduated!

·         Flamingo Greetings To Class of 20XX (Name)

·         The flocks in shock! (Name) graduated

·         Flocks of love on your graduation (Name)




·         Have you herd the moos? (Name’s) graduated!

·         Holy cow, (Name’s) graduated!

·         It’s udderly fantastic! (Name’s) graduated!


    •   We can heartly believe (Name) graduated
    •   I knew you could do it! Congrats class of(year)
    •   We love you (Name)! Congrats on graduating
    •   We love our graduate! Congratulations (name)!

       Smiley Faces


·         Smile (name) graduated high school!

·         We're grinning ear-to-ear cause (name) graduated!

·         Isn’t it cool? (Name) has graduated high school!

·        Isn’t it cool? (Name) is finally through with   high school!


    •   Thank your lucky stars (Name) graduated
    •   All star class of (year)
    •   Our star, (name) is graduating!
    •   We’re seeing stars now! (name) is graduating!
    •   Thank our lucky stars! (name) finally did it!
    •   You're a star! Congratulations (name)!
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