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Anniversary Phrases

Message Board Phrases:




·         We flew in to wish (Name's) a Happy Anniversary!

·         Happy flockin Anniversary (Name's)!

·         Happy Anniversary! You've just been flocked!

·         You honk and we'll flap for (Name's) Anniversary!

·         Flocks of love on your (age) Anniversary! (Name's)

·         (Name's) a little birdie told us today's your anniversary!

·         Were on the scene for (Name's) Anniversary!

·         Flamingo Greetings for a Happy Anniversary (Name)

·         (Name) you still ruffle my feathers! Happy (XXr) anniversary!

·         Feathers flew when I met you! Happy Anniversary (or Marry Me)

·         (Name), You Still Ruffle My Feathers! Happy (XX) Anniversary!




·         There's no udder way to say it. I love you!

·         We herd that (Name) is udderly in love with (Name)!

·         Have you herd the moos? (Name) & (Name) are getting hitched!

·         I'll Love You Til The Cows Come Home! Happy Anniversary!

·         Holy cow (Name's) it's been (XX) years already!

·         We herd (Name's) Anniversary is here!

·         (Name) we are moooved by your love! Happy Anniversary!

·         (Name's) Hope your anniversary is udderly fabulous

·         An udder year together! Happy Anniversary!

·         Moos Flash! It's (Name's) (XX) anniversary

·         (Name's), it's your anniversary! Milk it for all it's worth!

·         Your married (XX) years, party till the cows come home!


       Smiley Faces


·         Smile (Name's) It's your Anniversary!

·         (Name) Start your anniversary with a smile

·         Thanks for the (age) years of smiles! Happy Anniversary

·         We're grinning ear-to-ear cause (XX) years is here!

·         We wanted to start your anniversary off with a smile!

·         Smile, it's (Name's) anniversary today!

·         (Name) Thank you for making me smile all these years!

·         Thanks for (XX) years of smiles! Happy Anniversary

·         (Name) Thank you for making me smile all these years!




·         My heart beats only for you! Happy (age) Birthday! (or Anniversary)

·         Happy Anniversary To My Sweetheart, (Name)!

·         You've won my heart my love! I love you (Name)!

·         We can heartly believe it's (Name's) anniversary!

·         Happy (year) anniversary (Name) love (Name)!

·         (Name’s) still young at heart! Happy (year) anniversary!

·         Our hearts go out to you on your (year) anniversary!

·         (Name's) are real sweethearts! Happy Anniversary!

·         My heart beats only for you! Happy (year) Anniversary!

·         With love sweat & tears (name's) made it (XX) years!

·         (name's) (XX) years of hugs and kisses!

·         Love is the answer- what was the question?

·         Happy Valentine’s Day

·         Kiss me, you fool!

·         One Love, One Dream, One Heart

·         Our life together begins today

·         A time for love, a time for us

·         (Name) & (Name) Mr. & Mrs. (#) years of hugs and kisses

·         With love sweat & tears (name) & (name) made (#) years

·         I give you my love forever true

·         My heart beats only for you! Happy (XX) Anniversary!

·         (Name), my heart throbs for you, love (Name)

·         (Name), you are my valentine, love (Name)

·         (Name) you are my sweetheart, love (Name)

·         (Name), please be my valentine, love (Name)

·         Hearts and Love-Today, Tomorrow, Always



    ·     (# years) and on fire! Happy Anniversary!
      ·     Still smokin at/after (XX) years

·        Still sizzlin after (XX) years

·     (name) You light up my life. I love you  


     •  I see stars when I look at you Happy Anniv.!
       2 perfect stars after (# of) years of marriage

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