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About Us

About Us

We are a family owned and operated business looking to bring smiles to your friends and loved ones in the Treasure Valley.

My name is Amy Leavitt and I have lived in the Treasure Valley for the past 20 plus years. I have been a stay at home mom and my husband's office assistant for the past 18 years. I am now excited to start this new adventure of bringing new memories to your family and friends.

Our Story

In 2010 Amy's mom was going to be celebrating a milestone birthday and she was looking for a new and clever way to send her a birthday greeting. When Amy's mom lived in the Treasure Valley she had a local lawn & garden company place an anniversary greeting on their marquee which sold flamingos.  With that thought in mind Amy thought it would be clever to have flamingos placed in her yard and her search began.

Amy's siblings and parents all live in different states and she wanted the message to read "The Flock from Boise flew in to wish you a Happy Birthday" (in rememberance of the local lawn & garden company).  However, the company Amy contacted no longer had flamingos in their inventory but they had cows. 

Hmm... Cows... Now that brought a whole new idea to this birthday greeting.  While Amy's family lived in the Treasure Valley, Amy's father thought it would be a great idea to raise a cow and name him "Dinner". This cow would get out of their yard every day and every day Amy's mom would receive a call while she was at work - "Mom the cow's out again". The family then ordered 20 cows with the message being; "Dinner herd it's your 60th Birthday".

Amy's mom was so excited to see her cows - she ended up seeing the display before she went to bed but she was still surprised and she wanted to sleep outside with her cows. 

After seeing the excitement that Amy's mom had over this lawn greeting she was sold on the idea.  It is now Amy's desire to bring this same joy and excitment to others here in the Treasure Valley.

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